ThingCoin as a SAFT release schedule now in tranche 1.

UbiNET Inc. has decided to offer the ThingCoin as a SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens) Token as such we are expecting the early release of 10,000,000 tokens to be focused on gamification while 70,000,000 will be released according to the following schedule.

UbiNET release will consist of six tranches;

  1. 10,000,000 tokens to advisors and friends – in progress
  2. 25,000,000 tokens to crowdfunding (TBC)
  3. 5,000,000 tokens to partners and affiliates
  4. 35,000,000 tokens to crypto exchanges (TBC)
  5. 5,000,000 tokens to charities and organisations
  6. 20,000,000 held by UbiNET Inc.

The white paper to support the release on the ThingCoin onto crypto exchanges or crowdfunding (TBC) is in progress and will be available on this website.

What we really want to do is take people on the journey with us, everyone becoming identifiable should not be scary it should be liberating. The balance of Fear or Freedom comes in the intention and design of the technology system and who decides what is reasonable to share. The UbiNET data system is designed to protect the rights of people, their homes, their communities and to make everyone accountable for their actions whether they are in the system or not.

Carl Smith, Founder and CEO of UbiNET Inc.