ThingCoin as a SAFT release schedule now in tranche 1.

UbiNET Inc. has decided to offer the ThingCoin as a SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens) Token as such we are expecting the early release of 10,000,000 tokens to be focused on gamification while 70,000,000 will be released according to the following schedule.

UbiNET release will consist of six tranches;

  1. 10,000,000 tokens to advisors and friends – in progress
  2. 25,000,000 tokens to crowdfunding (TBC)
  3. 5,000,000 tokens to partners and affiliates
  4. 35,000,000 tokens to crypto exchanges (TBC)
  5. 5,000,000 tokens to charities and organisations
  6. 20,000,000 held by UbiNET Inc.

The white paper to support the release on the ThingCoin onto crypto exchanges or crowdfunding (TBC) is in progress and will be available on this website.

What we really want to do is take people on the journey with us, everyone becoming identifiable should not be scary it should be liberating. The balance of Fear or Freedom comes in the intention and design of the technology system and who decides what is reasonable to share. The UbiNET data system is designed to protect the rights of people, their homes, their communities and to make everyone accountable for their actions whether they are in the system or not.

Carl Smith, Founder and CEO of UbiNET Inc.

#UbiNET Corporate #BrandIdentity Launched

Getting the UbiNET Inc. brand going has had a very low priority till now, over the next few months we will be focusing on a number of activities to establish brand identity and brand equity #brandequity #UbiNET #blockchain #IoT #IoT3 #ThingCoin #cryptocurrency #crypto

UbiNET AI Blockchain

UbiNET issues two cryptocurrencies the #ThingCoin and #UbiNET Token

As part of the platform development process for #SmartLiving UbiNET Inc. has launched two cryptocurrencies the ThingCoin and UbiNET Token. The two currencies work together within the platform to both secure identity and enable transactions.

thingcoin cryptocurrency coinUbiNET Token is the user access token for the UbiNET platform and ThingCoin is the transaction currency within UbiNET.

We have only issued a limited number of access tokens and transaction coins at this point to test the ecosystem and evolve a number of market propositions, say’s CEO and Chief Scientist Karl Smith

The UbiNET platform is reliant on several technologies including, micro sensors that use ambient power, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, 5G and artificial intelligence as defined in the Open Network Ecosystem Protocol patent and won’t launch until they are all aligned.

We have not ruled out an ICO to create the funding for a city state test of UbiNET but we want to be sure that investors gain a benefit before we move in that direction, we are reviewing several funding options at this stage but will continue to use our consultancy profits until real value can be offered to investors, say’s CEO Karl Smith