UbiNET is a ubiquitous platform and system to deliver Smart Living, for humanity.

A wholly owned subsidiary of Paradigm Interactions Inc. #UbiNET is involved the the design of IoT3 a true ubiquitous system for #SmartLiving, the virtualization of human life and the digital interaction between virtual and real worlds. We are working on security, sensors, data, analytics and human interaction technologies.

UbiNET Platform

The UbiNET Platform is built up from several propositions that each hold a key relationship ecosystem. UbiNET is designated a planet wide system as its architecture is designed for any planet and an in-transit mode for between planets.

  • UbiNET Platform – Blockchain data management of unique id in ThingCoin
  • UbiNET-c-Token – Corporation (Business) Cryptocurrency that issues ThingCoin’s
  • UbiNET-p-Token – Person (Individual) Cryptocurrency that issues ThingCoin’s
  • ThingCoin – Data description of micro-sensor embedded in everything
  • UbiNET – Planet data token

While the system has been defined using the constructs of blockchain and cryptocurrency they are just the enablers of a complex data system with millions of products and services from full lifecycle recycling to personal security and most importantly personal privacy.

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