The IoT does not exist yet, as the IoT is an open ecosystem of trillions of services and devices.

People are currently being sold Home Automation as IoT when this is closed IoT essentially just another network.

These networks are not secure as many of the devices involved lack self-identified encryption relying on the security of the network and wifi base stations that many users never change from factory settings.

Establishing a global standard for the IoT will only happen at Government level as commercial companies are focused on expanding their closed IoT networks rather than defining communications with other systems that are compliant with existing information security legislation, human rights and non-monopoly costs.

We are involved in a two-pronged activity, educating people it this critical aspect of the future of human life in terms of their security, rights and prosperity and defining the Ubiquity Open Standard itself.

What we need is people’s time and that costs money, to date we have self-funded since 2006, however to start releasing standards and guidance for engineers, designers and legislature we will require financial support.

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