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The IoT – Internet of Things (Ubiquity) is the next great opportunity for commerce to engage within the business enterprises and customer relationship. To many large enterprises the IoT is being sold as a way to avoid customer interactions completely by converting that interaction into a hidden payment activity. For enterprise who understand that won’t work with customers there is no unified approach to safely managing mental load between physical interaction, mental interaction and digital interaction. This, in turn creates the risk of cognitive clash with possible outcomes of corporate liability death, dismemberment, financial loss and the potential for trillion dollar lawsuits.

This cognitive landscape is inhabited by associated experiences that gel human behaviour and machine interfaces through, touch, mouse and keyboard. The usage of sight, voice and thought create new complexities and risks which have until recently been the subject of defense technologies, where clear outcomes and prescribed mental models exist. The diversification of these touch points and multi-point human logic models clash and derail human thinking patterns.

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SXSW17 Submission film

IoT Ecosystem Design Toolkit 1.0 updated, vote here requires login http://panelpicker.sxsw.com/vote/60657

The IoT is heralded as a powerful and connected future for humanity with unlimited marketing and value-creation opportunities for companies that embrace it. Undoubtedly exciting, the IoT exists in small location-focused and closed ecosystems. How can today’s innovators design for adoption, communication, services, transactions and retention? How can we insure these hidden systems connect and are understandable for the humans that engage with them?

Join our panelists as we discuss the Ubiquity Open Standard Project (UOSP) and the IoT Ecosystem Toolkit. Created to support the creation of IoT products and services, the toolkit will be released at the end of the session.


SXSW16 Submission film

Cognition Clash in the Internet of Things



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